Why ihealthy?

Do you know that pain in your right foot that you never treated? Do you remember when it started? No? …

It’s been 3 years … And because you think the pain would improve on its own, you took it without worrying …

You know that problem in the right knee? Remember when it started? It’s been 2 years. Did you think it was old age coming? No, it was a reflection of the unhealed right foot problem.

If you had these records easily, or until your doctor could have access to them in the consultations, imagine how you could facilitate the understanding and recovery of your health.

And the good days? Any records? Happiness, I feel strong, confident … Bad days? Can my problems have any bearing on negative thoughts?

What if, in addition to the records, you could rely on artificial intelligence technology analyzing your health and disease data and suggesting improvements to the day-to-day?

Welcome to the future of real health!

Welcome to ihealthy!

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