Your health in your hands !

Health is a condition that reflects habits, genetic inheritance mental posture and more.

If we want health in the future, we must look after it now!

Wellness means taking care of your health every day. Your data can show you how to be healthy.

ihealthy will be your partner.

Healthcare – data integration

Health companies and doctors need our cooperation to do their best, let´s share data with them, but just those that we want and they need.

ihealthy can share your data with doctors, hospitals and clinics, and bring your data from them.

Its up to you !


Data driven world – Data driven care

ihealthy is a startup, passionate about health, data and artificial intelligence.  We´ve developed a software, a platform to you, just to you see and understand your life there, your health, your pains, your mind, your data.



Artificial Intelligence in Cardiology

Sérgio Viegas presented the lecture: “Artificial Intelligence in Cardiology” at the National Symposium on New Technologies in Cardiology at university Promove . It started by bringing basic concepts of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL). He then drew parallels on the technological innovations that enabled AI to grow, such as increased …